Unsinkable Whiskey


Unsinkable Whiskey

Sausalito, CA


Sausalito's long been a haven for free thinkers and independent spirits. Creatives from every walk of life have brought color to its streets and a touch of saltiness to its spirit. At its core, Sausalito is a place where what truly matters is who you are - not what you have.

The Thoroughbred team's creativity was tapped to express this spirit through a whiskey brand as inspired as the city itself and the atmosphere its known for. Throughout brand creation, packaging design, portfolio strategy and vendor sourcing, Thoroughbred partnered with Sausalito Liquor Company's imaginative founder to channel the beauty and soul of Sausalito. Embracing its eccentric nature and featuring industrial, maritime elements nodding to the city’s shipbuilding history and famous floating homes, the design perfectly balances the richness of the Sausalito's story and the approachability of its character.

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