Baller American Single Malt Whiskey


St. George Spirits

Almeda, CA

What we did

  • Packaging Refresh


Baller has long-been a leader in the American Single Malt Whiskey category, but the original design didn't clearly portray the premium nature of this unique, umeshu-cask-finished whiskey. Brought in to refresh the packaging, Thoroughbred honored the intention of the original design with a fine-tuned representation that both differentiates the whiskey and offers a better customer experience.

Reframing the product to strengthen the identity of Baller as a single malt whiskey, this redesign features bold typography which emphasizes the brand position as well as an enhanced product description on the back label. Adding in movement and gilded elements to the central illustration provides an engaging focal point, alluding to the richness of the spirit contained only by the bottle.

Unique to this design

  • Golden embellishments convey the sense one has found a prized bottle

  • Semi-custom bottle enhances premium cues

  • Enhanced readability clarifies the consumer experience

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