Distillery of Modern Art


Distillery of Modern Art

Chamblee, GA

What we did

  • Brand Creation
  • Packaging Design
  • Vendor Sourcing


The Distillery of Modern Art blends the worlds of art and science for an immersive encounter that indulges the senses of their consumer.

Working from a blank canvas, the Thoroughbred team was brought in from the very beginning to develop everything from the brand and packaging design to the portfolio and marketing strategies. Understanding the vision of delivering a remarkable experience through both the distillery and packaging design, our team created a one-of-a-kind design that engages the consumer, drawing them in and rewarding their willingness to seek beyond the surface.

Awaiting their discovery, each label has double-sided printing to reveal snippets of an original work of art. We worked with local artists to commission these works as visual expressions of each individual spirit. Weaving this artistic expression from the packaging design through to the distillery, the original pieces are on display at the gallery within the distillery so visitors can see and fully experience each piece - and spirit - in person.

Unique to this design

  • Tactile labels and foil finishing create a contemporary, sophisticated design

  • Uniquely cut labels create angles of intrigue

  • Double-sided print finish with variable printing enables collectable design

  • Each SKU is represented by and features a unique work of art commissioned to represent that spirit

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