Burnt Church Distillery


Burnt Church Distillery

Bluffton, SC

What we did

  • Brand Creation
  • Packaging Design
  • Vendor Sourcing
  • Portfolio Strategy


Burnt Church is a varied collection of brands developed by two brothers with a love of the Lowcountry and a knack for building successful brands across industries. Having worked with another agency at an early stage, they recognized the need for a team more familiar and experienced with the spirits industry to take their brands to the next level.

In building up this house of brands, finding the right balance between the connection of all the brands and each having their own story was essential. By using the history, mystery and charm of the Lowcountry as the thread tying the brands together, we were able to then hone in on the individual character of each brand to make it stand out on its own in any market. Because their products span a variety of spirits and palate preferences, this individuality for each brand was crucial for Burnt Church’s diversified portfolio to succeed.

With a target audience that differs for each product in this varied portfolio, the personality of each brand had to be whole, appealing and unique for its intended consumer. The result is a collection of 9 brands bound together by their home and significant in each their own way.

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