Antico Perfetto


Antico Perfetto

San Diego, CA

What we did

  • Brand Creation
  • Packaging Design
  • Vendor Sourcing


The story of Antico Perfetto began in Italy many years ago with a secret recipe for the family's own aperitivo. Consumed by the family daily as the perfect start to a meal, it only made sense that years later, the founder, Guido Nistri, would seek to keep this tradition alive in his own way.

A successful restaurateur ready to bring his recipe to those who dined with him and others across his home state of California and beyond, Guido reached out to the Thoroughbred team to help share his spirit at dinner tables across the country. The goal was to develop a brand that blended pride in his Italian heritage with the inviting appeal of modern-day California; to put a fresh twist on connecting the world to classic Italian culture.

In developing the brand and package design, the team sought to strike a balance between the charm of old Italy with its timeless Italian fashion and the natural ease of California’s signature style. The result is an approachable and effortlessly sophisticated design that feels at home in any restaurant, bar or family gathering.

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