Connections make the difference


American Born Moonshine

Nashville, TN


True to its name, American Born Moonshine is 100-percent American-made, all the way down to being distilled in American-built stills, bottled in custom American-made glass and labeled with labels printed in America on American-made paper. All those things are challenging to source and get expensive, and American Born turned to Thoroughbred Spirits Group's connections throughout the manufacturing industry to find vendors and get the best price.


  • Expensive custom bottling + label making

  • Finding the right vendors


  • American made supply chain - reducing company cost

  • 3rd best selling moonshine in the country

Thoroughbred put together a 100-percent-American-made supply chain for American Born Moonshine, including sourcing a custom jar and closure, and even finding an American glass manufacturer that could make the jars even more cost effective than one in China. “Large manufacturers just aren’t going to give an unproven brand a shot unless you have an in,” Thoroughbred founder Scott Schiller says.

Later, after that brand launched, Thoroughbred leveraged its early success to negotiate even better prices, further reducing the company’s cost of goods by 38 percent. With Thoroughbred’s help, American Born Moonshine has grown from nothing to the third best-selling moonshine brand in the country in just three years.

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