Bloody Butcher's Creed


Bloody Butcher's Creed


What we did

  • Brand Creation
  • Packaging Design


Located in the heart of Kentucky bourbon country, Jeptha Creed Distillery was enthusiastic about entering the whiskey market. Careful to preserve their namesake brand for their aging bourbon, however, we instead created a sub-brand of experimental whiskies for limited release: Bloody Butcher’s Creed, named for the corn used to make the whiskey.

With the experimental line serving as a glimpse of what’s to come, it was important to develop a familiarity with the brand story as a whole, including their beautiful facility, for the consumer.

Unique to this Brand

  • Gold Foil - Sharing elements with the overarching Jeptha Creed brand, the gold foil adds a touch of refinement to this rustic brand
  • Custom Illustration - The front label prominently features a custom illustration of the distillery
  • Handwritten Touches - Drawing on the down-to-earth nature of the distillery and experimental aspect of Bloody Butcher’s Creed, the label design incorporates spacing for handwritten information such as batch number and proof
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